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Employee Rights

Workplaces should be safe places that pay you fairly. Sadly, many workers experience illegal and unfair working conditions. At Valerian Law, we help workers experiencing illegal work situations, such as wage theft, misclassification, unequal pay, unsafe workplaces, retaliation, and discrimination. We recover compensation, protect careers, and improve workplaces through individual and class action cases.

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Consumer Protection

We fight unlawful and deceptive practices and vindicate the rights of consumers under state and federal laws. We provide the expertise and resources to level the playing field against the biggest companies. Consumers who need an honest answer come to us.

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Complex Litigation

We use the tools of class and representative litigation to protect employees and consumers. When systematic corporate misconduct affect the workplace and threaten financial security, workers and consumers deserve top-notch complex litigation counsel.


The Team

Our firm is recognized for high caliber legal advocacy. Learn more about our attorneys and staff.

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Xinying is hands down the best choice to win your case. She is very approachable, but also very serious and will fight for you until you have received the best outcome. She exceeded my expectations by far.

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