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Abrishamcar v. Oracle America, Inc.
Systemic Labor Code Violations Affecting Thousands of Sales Employees, Alleged in Lawsuit Filed 2015; San Mateo County Superior Court Case No. CIV 535490
Plaintiffs Enforcing California Workers Rights Through the Private Attorneys General Act
Two Phases of Trial Completed with Tentative Wins for Plaintiffs on Six Theories of Liability
One Phase Remaining for Trial on Penalties



Former Oracle sales representatives sued the company over its incentive compensation practices, alleging that Oracle routinely:

  • Delayed issuing compensation plans and back-dated the plans;

  • Re-planned sales representatives and back-dated re-plans that increase quotas, reduce commission rates, and reduce payouts;

  • Delayed paying commissions for 45 days or longer after they are earned;

  • Relied on vague or secret criteria and processes to reduce commissions;

  • Clawed back commissions month or years after they were earned and paid;

  • Used the threat of collections to recoup commissions already paid out.


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